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Advertising = Ban Empty Advertising = Ban

Post by Pain on Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:25 pm

Many people have been coming to the site. I don't mind the population, it's just the amount of people who are actually advertising. Advertising other sites can equal in bans. If you want someone to see your website, put a link in your profile, just don't come on to the chat and randomly give a link. I don't mind you chatting about other websites, it's just the linking. If you want to give someone the link, take it the PM system on Chatango. That's the purpose for PM, so no one else can see it, but just don't go spamming our members who are on the chat your link in PM's.

Advertising is one of our rules/policies of the website. Other anime websites can NOT!! NOT!!! be linked unless they are approved by the main administrator. I will make this clear once. Anyone who does not know or hasn't read the forum topic, advise them not to link. They will be given one chance, the link will be deleted and the next time they link, they will be banned. Am I clear moderators?

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