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Post by Ltunit on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:32 am

Even though our forums are mainly part of the site, we recommend that you keep a page up of the website by:

1) Right clicking on the forum link and selecting Open in new Tab.
2) Use the bottom on the bottom of the chat that says Float Chat, and that will keep a window open of the chat.

Since the chat is not on here, we can't keep it maintained. If you are a chat mod, please keep a tab of the site up, or on float chat when in the forums. As forum mod, you do not have to keep a page of the chat or site on a tab (only if forum mod). We have just gotten new members and new positions have opened. We are also starting to post anime episodes as well. We may decide not to post, in the process of anime series releases. Funimation owns it all and will probably take over sometime soon, so it's best not to post things owned by funimation. For example, see: Inevitable Anime.


We are now moving on to editing for the site and uploading pictures as well. If any of these jobs meets your standards, please reply to this topic below. You may need to use photoshop though as well, if you want to do 100% editing. Microsoft Paint can also be used in the process.

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