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Post by Zero on Tue May 31, 2011 12:47 am

There are currently Divisions working at Inev and Arc. Here they be is Razz

-SATS - Special Agency and Tactical Squad --- SATS is similar to the C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency) , except it's pretty much the online version. They protect our website from hack attacks and build our website's immunity to things like that. They are also responsible for most of the stuff that takes place there, such as the Licensing agreements and terms of agreement, along with all the service records of past participle and current, past, and future events. If Copyright Infringement occurs and a particular producing ''company'' finds out, SATS is the one to deal with it. So, if there are any major problems that you may find on the website, contact them and let them know about it. Don't forget they don't only work at Inev, Arc and other Anime WEBSITES.

-TASK - Technological Advancement and Serial Knowledge --- TASK is a division or group that creates a certain program that allows a website to run or function from. Such as forumotion and how their set-up is. Same thing with Facebook and Myspace, they helped create the appearance and options group, how the website functions, and the keys to set it off.

-HEAT - Hyperactive Encryption of Advanced Technology --- HEAT is the division which takes the certain program that TASK has created, turns it into an encryption code, and makes it possible for it to be installed in the website's main hard-drive, putting it into effect.

-CNSI - Computer National Security Intelligence --- CNSI is the division that protects websites overall and is similar to the SATS. Little is known about them and only 1 member has been revealed, but is pretty much still masked from society.

You will probably see these members around the forums and website. If you have any questions for them, just ask.. I'm sure they won't mind much to answer them. Any questions in general, just reply to the forums and they'll probably be answered. You may see their symbol on their Chatango profiles, Forum profiles, and even websites. Keep in mind, there are a list of current members, so anyone who is an imposter will be noticed immediately.


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