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Post by Ltunit on Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:47 am

The following is a list of members and their Status.

Everyone knows that Pain32 is the founder of Aniwebs.
Aniwebs is the posting of anime on freewebs sites. Pain was mainly the first person to put forth such effort to create and edit an anime site of webs. He has also currently brought forth many of the current members. Any Aniwebs sites include various such as: Inevitable Anime (pain's first site), Anime Crown(Pain's part anime site), Anime God (started by pain, as kutashida took for second place), Arcade-Unlimited (current active website), and many more.

Note: 3 Levels are Retired , Inactive , Active
♠ = Was in original Inevitable Anime (started)
• = Was not in original Inevitable Anime (new)

Pain -- Active
Aceb0t -- Active
Ailovesya -- InActive
AmistVapouri -- InActive
Aromachromixxano -- Active
DeathNoteDance -- ?
EagleGTS -- Active
KekkaishiLover42 -- Inactive
Kutashida -- Active
Kyronics -- Active
Ltunit -- Active
Princessaiya -- Active
ProtoTypeSword -- ?
Sexychic616 -- InActive
ShikoTakunai -- Active
Speed -- Retired
Syronics -- Retired
Teehehe -- Active

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