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Post by Madara on Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:34 am

Okay, like everyone else is obsessed with it, I'll just talk about it for this post only, unless any questions are asked. Ranking up is something that we do here in the forums just to have a little fun with it and even to show a certain power. I'm an admin and yet I'm still a ''noob'' in that group. You have to rank up to at least C or B, depending on how the admins feel about your experience and knowledge with the forums, before you actually get into the bigger ranking up parts. If you don't know by now, the ranks are :: Member, Assistant Mod, Mod, Super Mod, *, Assistant Admin, and Admin. The * is something that we are keeping secret.. It's a secret rank and no one has made it yet there. We were actually thinking about replacing assistant admin with it.. We just might do that. Those ranks are obtained or can be obtained in 1 or 2 of 4 ways. :: Open Slot, Promotion/Ceremony, Testing, Cull/Removal of other shitty members. Now, there are other ranks which are obtained by post count on the forums. D-Rank^3 Posts,, C-Rank^10 Posts,, B-Rank^20 Posts,, A-Rank^40 Posts.. I know it seems like alot, because it still does to me, but all those posts also count as replying to a topic. Although with that in mind, please do not just go spamming on the forums to get your post count up.. I don't push about it, and I don't really mind.. It's just that you have to get through Ghost, and he's not that hard to get by. There is also S-Rank, but only an admin can give it to you. No, you can not skip a rank to get to a higher one. No, you cannot fall back down a rank (at least i wouldnt think so), but you can chose whether you want to rank up or not. You do not have to if you don't want to.. maybe so much because the emblem below your avatar looks cool and you don't want a different one, and that's fine. Example: Say if I was a Mod .. the next rank is Super-Mod. If I don't want to rank up to super mod, that's perfectly fine. We aren't going to force you to do that. Some people like to rank up slow, some people like to rank up fast, and some people don't like to rank up at all once they get to a comfortable and legit position. It's not so much of showing how much power you have in the forums, it's mainly the experience and time you've been here. There is a rank called Super mod and a group called super mod. The group Super mod actually gives you the power to be a close-counter admin. The rank is just the extra gained experience and all that. On some occasions, they are the same though.

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