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Post by Ltunit on Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:36 pm

Okay, just starting out with the forums, I will now take the time to explain the ranks for the forums and site permissions. The forum has different groups and each of them have a certain permission. In a list below, I will show you how the ranks are separated from the others, but in better detail, giving examples along with another ranking.. In other words, I will compare the power and permissions of the ranks.

Assistant moderator---Corporal / Sergeant
Super Moderator---Captain
Assistant Admin/Admin---Assistant chief or commander
Administrator---Chief or Commander


To be promoted to a new rank, there are certain ways:

Open Slot
Promotion or Ceremony
Testing (if mandatory)
We will let those know who are willing to be promoted, if there are any open slots or recruiting.

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Post by Speed on Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:19 pm

we have our new emblems for ranks as well Smile

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