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Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 534 Empty Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 534

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No spoilers outside this thread. Spoiling outside will result in account infractions and bans. Respect the fact that many people do not want to be spoiled.


Flash Back.
When see Chouza and a young Choji.
Chouza, “Now that you are on the path to become a strong Ninja and carry the Shika-Ino-Cho legacy i will giv eyou these.” Pases Choji the PILLS.
Choji with his face lit up, “wow your giving me these, now dad? But i can’t be ready now?”
Chouza, “Neither was i con but we never think we are, you must be strong. You are the pillar of the great triple threat of Konoha. When your techniques are not enough you must become stronger than even your sensei.”
Choji, “Stronger than Asuma Sensei, a Sarutobi like the 3rd? But if we use all three there is a great chance we die.”
Chouza, “If you are not willing to die for your team then you are not ready to die for the village or the Hokage. If that is the case son maybe you should stop now.”

Choji, “that’s not it father. I am sure we will run into powerful foes out there i cannot just take these pills everytime. iwould be of no use to my team if the only time i am truly strong is when i use these.”
Chouza, “ha,ha,ha i knew i forgot to teach you something. These pills do not give us power son, it unlocks our true power. When you have truly mastered yourself, mind and body, then you can change at will. But be warned you may not be in critical danger but you will be weakened when you come out of this stage.”
Choji, “wow, so when can i do it without the pills? When did you?”
Chouza, “i haven’t”
Choji i butterfly mode starring at Asuma sensei, “i must do this on my own guys. I must grow to become the pillar of Ino-Shika-Cho. Please stand back.”
Shika- “Are you sure you cando it? Can you defeat Asuma sensei, on your own?”
Asuma, “Yeah Choji, u have choked too many times in the fight, i..”
Choji, “Asuma Sensei,shut up.”
They all looked shocked.
Choji, “I cannot defeat Asuma Sensei, our teacher. but i can definitely beat the crap out of this boy they have him trapped in!”
Ino, “But Choji, it is Asuma sensei. “
Asuma, “ i understand, Choji. You want me to shut up becasue the more i talk the more you will regret the pounding you plan of giving me. well okay, from this point on, Choji the Pillar of Ino-Shika- Cho will use his might, to save me.”
Chouza is leaving but thinking,(he has surpassed me already, very good Choji. i wonder does he know?”
Shika, “Ino secure this perimeter make sure they are not interrupted.”
Ino, “got it.”
Choji, “let’s go”
Choji’s wings start to change even more becoming darker and with a lightly shredded appearance around the edges.
Asuma {what is this? Uh oh, Choji hope your ready.} “Wind style piercing shuriken melee!’

He tosses many Wind charged shuriken at air slicing speed at Choji.
Choji is suddenly behind Asuma, “This moment is too serious and dark for a butterfly. The darkness belongs to the moth.”
The shuriken pass through a rock and also through Zetsu that were nearby.
Choji, “Moth Jutsu, night dance.”
Choji suddenly goes in and out of focus attacking Asuma.
Asuma, { i can’t keep up with him i can’t black his attacks.}
Choji, “now i will save you Sensei”
Asuma makes hand seals when Choji stops a few feet in front of him, “Fire-wind jutsu: flame burst”
Choji, “wings of ice.” Choji’s Moth wings flap with tremendous force and speed, freezing the many streams of flame.
“Moth clone”
A clone appears of Choji and instantly grabs Asuma.
Asuma{what are you doing Choji, your clone can’t hold me forever even with this strength, Kabuto will make m wind slice out of this.
]Choji claps his hands together, “Moth Jutsu: Clone cocoon!”
Choji’s clone begin changing into a giant cocoon surrounding Asuma.
Asuma{ this material it is hard extremely strong i am trying to cut it and burn it but nothing. Good job Choji.)
Asuma is completely covered.
Shika & Ino return their focus to the fight and look in shock.
Shika, “way to go Choji.”
Ino, “Choji?”
Choji, “Goodbye again sensei”
turning our attention to Ten Ten she is facing several Zetsu.
Ten Ten, ‘dammit they are coming from everywhere ‘
Suddenly several jump towards her.
Ten Ten, “ okay then”
she twirls the fan over her head as if to get a better grip. suddenly a giant cyclone of wind surrounds her and lashes out at all th Zetsu destroying them.
Ten ten looking shocked.
Looking at the fan she notices small symbols on the hilt of earth.wind.water,fire,lightning engraved. She looks up at the fight going on around her and smiles.
“finders keepers”
Next Issue: “Ten Ten of he fan”

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