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Post by Pain on Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:02 pm

The site rules are pretty much a revised version of the chat rules. If you don't have an account there, your abilities and leisure is limited. If you have an account, you can obviously do much more. Forums are to be maintained by their mods.

The forum mod list includes:


Respect is necessary to show towards these mods.

Chat mods have powers on the chat []. Many forum mods are also chat mods.

Chat Mods List:


Mods simply need to follow the rules:

1. If anyone tries to post porn, delete it. If they do it again, ban them
2. If anyone gets into a flame-war, warn them to stop, and ban them on second hand unless you are in the mood to give them another chance.
3. Anons love to troll, You know em' Just because they think no one knows who they are. Well anons, the mods can see your IP address, so it's really not that much of a secret. Ban any anons who are insulting other members, even if it's another anon. Flame-wars are to be dealt with by the chat moderators, so try not to involve yourself, unless you are insulted to the extreme.
4. Mods are given a ban hammer for a purpose, but warnings can also be good. Being on 1st Warning, try not to insult the mods or make offensive remarks to mods or ANYONE.

Chat Mods need to follow the subjects they were given, and do not let me catch you letting someone "run free like a bird" with racism or vulgar language, not to mention un-necessary remarks or trolls. That's why chat mod positions are open. Many mods are quitting their positions or leaving, so we will have a few spots open.


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